Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The boys are sick so we had a lazy day at home today. Orion painted a picture.

Jules played in the Jumperoo.

Then it was lunch time. Err... nap time? How about both?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

I told Orion that we were going to make chocolate covered pretzels. I started getting stuff out. Then I hear him say Mommy, I made chocolate covered pretzels. And he did.
Then we made them for real. Yum!

We also made peanut butter cups. Dee-lish! Isaac brought some to work on Friday and I brought some to my mom's group Friday night. Orion got one piece of each and then had to wait for Valentines Day for any more.

It is tradition in our home that we eat cake for breakfast on Valentines Day. This year I made Hobee's coffee cake and served it with cinnamon tea. I couldn't find blueberries (gasp!) so I used peaches in it instead. It was delicious, not like at Hobee's, but quite possibly better.

I think I'm gonna go crunch up some chocolate covered pretzels and throw them into some vanilla ice cream. (You can start drooling now.)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wrap but don't re-wrap!

Here is a video just for Susie ;-) and all my other baby wearing friends out there. If this is as clear as mud, just let me know and I'll try to clarify. I didn't really prepare what I was going to say so perhaps I missed something. ***Warning*** I'm a fast talker!

On a related note...
Apparently you cannot make a video with a three year old in the room. In the first take, Orion decided to cross in front of the camera to go to the sink for some water. Then he sat down next to the camera and started singing. In the second take he started talking about the birth of Jules, since the tripod was set up in the tub where Jules was born. During the third take he started talking to Jules. For the forth and final take he was kicked out of the bathroom :-)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Orion's hair was getting in his eyes so I decided it was time to cut it. I made the mistake of doing it while I was alone with the boys. Jules was napping so I thought I'd go ahead and give Orion a haircut. Then Jules woke up. I was covered in little bits of hair. I got Jules back to sleep and came back to finish the cut. Suddenly I was worried that I wouldn't be able to finish before Jules decided to wake up for good. So I asked Orion if I could just buzz the whole thing. He agreed. It actually didn't save me much time since his hair lies so flat it wasn't very easy to buzz. I didn't like it much and neither did Orion, but now I think he looks cute. I love his cowlick. Orion would tell people, It's too short, but it will grow. It took him a week to realize that it wasn't going to grow out very fast. He wants it longer in the front because he likes pushing it back.

Anyway, here he is talking on the phone to a grandparent. It is really fun to listen in on his conversations and watch his facial expressions.

I got my hair cut, too!

My hair was down to my butt. I had it all chopped off and I will be sending it to Locks of Love. I now weigh a quarter pound less.

What do you think? I am quite pleased with the results. Perhaps next time I will be even more daring. Haircuts are fun!!!

Side view.