Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Front Torso Cross Carry

Susie from Magic City Slingers recently made and posted a video JUST FOR ME ;-) to demonstrate this carry, so I had to post a photo. It is strapless, so I'll be doing it more when the weather warms. I know, it just got cold. And windy. We actually had some snow here last night. Like one or two flakes. So anyway, I don't know if you can see it in the photo, but Jules was hanging on for dear life with his right hand. Of course he is completely secure, but he is a grabber. He can be hard to put down at times. I guess he doesn't trust me. Sheesh! I've only dropped him once so far.

Our Thanksgiving

We spent this Thanksgiving with the Johnsons- Ally, Dan, Paul and Phillip. They just moved into a lovely new home (on Jules's birthday, sorry we can't help with the move, but...) and so we brought them a housewarming gift/centerpiece for the dinner table. It was all my idea, but completely executed by Isaac and Orion. Doesn't it look all Martha Stewart? All the folliage was from our yard.

One of my favorite holiday traditions is making butter. Just put some whipping cream in a jar and shake. First it makes whipped cream, but if you continue to shake then it separates into butter and milk. We added honey afterwards for some yummy honey butter to go with my homemade dinner rolls. (You know, the ones that sent me into labor.)

These photos were taken before the boys were tired out from all the shaking.

Making centerpieces, making butter.... what's left? Oh, yeah. Making trouble ;-)