Monday, September 7, 2009

Spider Monkey

Here is Jules, aka Spider Monkey.

He started his climbing career with stairs when he was 8 months old.

Then he moved up to climbing the slide of the kangaroo climber when he was 9 months old.

Ten months old: Without the toy in its place, Spider Monkey would get to the wires behind the sub-woofer. With the toy there he would climb on top. It was a win-win situation for Spider Monkey.

Now he wanted to get onto the bouncer. Perhaps the slide would do the trick.

No, but this will work!

He kept getting to the wires under this end-table, so we surrounded it with toys. Well, we were just asking for it. There are many more goodies on top of the table. We now have it surrounded with a fence. He hasn't conquered it yet.

Here he is at eleven months. I can no longer leave the nursing stool in front of the glider chair.

This is okay, right? He's almost sitting and it is a kiddie chair.

There he goes again!


He'd been getting into a box of tissues, so they got put on top of the couch. Notice they are not there anymore.

Sometimes you just need a few more inches.

I now have this room barricaded.

That garbage can has now found a new home.

Lately Orion has been asking me to tell him stories. Tales of Tie-dye Boy and Spider Monkey are now in the works. When Jules isn't climbing he is either chewing on something or working on walking. He has been trying to walk since he turned 10 months. He can go about 10 feet now, but is being hindered by a few things. First of all he is pigeon toed and has a hard time not tripping himself. Second, he crawls lightening fast, so walking just slows him down. And third, he would much rather be climbing!